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How PPS Works!

cameraPPS is a Patented 2 Step Paint Sealant process and proper application will ensure a strong and lasting finish.

beakerPPS has many imitators in the marketplace today ... but ONLY PPS . has lab tests and industry approvals to back its claims! see more ...

filmRain water beads on the surface and runs off showing that the protection is still there after months of driving..


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About Us

aboutusPPS is a unique patented paint sealant with a history of 29 years beginning with its 1st patent in the Automotive Marketplace sold primarily at the Retail Franchise Automotive Dealership level. GardGroup (PPS’s umbrella Company) first ran into this product in the late 70’s. The Company was approached by the then Distributor for PPS in hopes that he could convince GardGroup to become the Canadian Distributor for PPS. GardGroup declined at that time.   

          Further business attempts in distribution were made and the product and its performance were dramatically improved and itt was re-patented in 1992 and named PPS.

     In 1996 GardGroup was approached again on the basis of finding a rust prevention manufacturer and distributor to develop a product line. Initial conversations were promising, however, ended with no conclusions.

     The circle had been completed and the opportunity had returned that had left years earlier. An agreement was signed giving the exclusive rights for Canada. We were no longer just a chemical supplier. GardGroup is a consulting supplier offering the largest and most advanced product line in Canada.

GardGroup permanently purchased the patent in >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

          The reason for GardGroup’s success is three fold: excellent selection of products, excellent marketing materials and the competitive advantage of an experienced honest company offering PPS, the only known patented paint sealant that outperforms all others in the North American and International Market.


  1. The PPS Technology and its Patented process
  2. Waxes and Silicones - and why they don't work
  3. Marketing Materials, Products and Services
  4. Laboratory Testing Results
  5. Testimonials and Approvals
  6. Application Techniques and Procedures