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PPS - Customer Testimonials, Approvals and Laboratory Testing Results

PPS has been tested and proven to work on any surface in any condition in any climate. We could show you letters from satisified users but what would that prove. Anyone can write a letter and the other paint sealants on the market have those same we are going to prove our Paint Sealant works better than the rest by showing you the REAL RESULTS! There are many imitators on the market today. Remember the PPS Paint Sealant is the only one that bears our original PPS logo, name & Patent number on EVERY bottle. So look for the logo.


Lab Testing
Quality Systems & Quality Certifications



    1. The PPS Technology and its Patented process
    2. Waxes and Silicones - and why they don't work
    3. Marketing Materials, Products and Services
    4. Laboratory Testing Results
    5. Testimonials and Approvals
    6. Application Techniques and Procedures